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A Sword and a Gun in One! Galaxy Express 999 Gravity Saber (Queen Emeraldas ver.) Review!

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From the classic anime Galaxy Express 999 comes a 1/1 scale faithful recreation by Daikikougyou of the Gravity Saber! It also operates as a functioning water gun!

Find the water gun here!

Whether as a toy or a collector’s model, the Gravity Saber (Queen Emeraldas ver.) looks realistic and is faithful to the original design.

With a metallic looking hilt and even detailed sculpting on the handle and barrel of the gun, fans of the series will feel like they’re holding the real thing.

The detail extends to every part of the weapon, even featuring a small scope just like in the series so anybody can feel like they’re taking aim at the enemy.

The Gravity Saber (Queen Emeraldas ver.) also works as a water gun, with a sleek, hidden compartment to store water at the top of the gun. It’s smooth design allows filling with water without taking away from the appearance of the weapon.

Wield the Gravity Saber (Queen Emeraldas ver.) however you’d like, either as a sword or as a rifle. With the highly-detailed scope seen up close, it adds to the realistic appearance.

The water shoots out of the tip of the blade, similar to a rifle. It’s also very light, so switching between how you’d like to wield it is incredibly easy.

For fans of the series, this model is based on Queen Emeralda’s own Gravity Saber, featuring her signature black skull emblem. It could even work perfectly with cosplay!

The emblem is instantly recognizable, and whether you display or play with the Gravity Saber (Queen Emeraldas ver.), it’s sure to catch anybody’s attention. Its long blade also allows water to shoot quite far.

With fantastic craftsmanship, the Gravity Saber (Queen Emeraldas ver.) looks and feels incredible, holding up very well in both durability and appearance. Reservations for the 1/1 scale Gravity Saber (Queen Emeraldas ver.) run from May 2022 until July 14th, 2022. The release is scheduled for September 2022.

This stunning weapon is made to order, so fans of Galaxy Express 999 will definitely want to add this to their collection!


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