Rayquaza Somen Noodle Toy Hits Shelves in Japan!

Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy Arts, which has a long history of teaming up with The Pokemon Company to create toys from the franchise, just unveiled an all-new way to catch them all: by catching floating hiyashi somen on the back of Rayquaza!

Called the Somen Slider Pocket Monster, this motorized flowing somen set features iconic Pokémon species such as Pikachu, Quaxly, Piplup, and Psyduck, while prominently featuring Rayquaza at the center as the slide itself.

Similar to the traditional method, the Somen Slider Pocket Monster allows noodles to flow continuously along a water slide. As the water cascades from Rayquaza’s mouth, diners use chopsticks to pluck the somen noodles, keeping them cool and wet right up until they’re ready to eat.

To ensure an efficient dining experience like one you might find in an actual hiyashi somen restaurant, markers featuring Pikachu and other Pokémon are included to designate specific sections of the slide for noodle retrieval.

Scheduled for release in Japan on June 1st at retailers across the country, the Somen Slider Pocket Monster offers a delightful way to enjoy the cooling treat of hiyashi somen during the hot summer months, and just in time, too. Get ready to embark on a Pokémon-themed culinary adventure!

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