An After-School Encounter – Pulled Girl Original Figure by Nocturne!

An intimate after-class encounter with a teacher and their naughty student, with a heart-pounding moment that starts with a tugging of her underwear…that’s the premise of Nocturne’s all-new 1/6th scale figure, Pulled Girl, based on an original illustration by popular illustrator Daiki Kase!

The figure stays true to the original, sexy illustration, with incredible attention to detail throughout every aspect of the figure. The student’s shirt seems wet from sweat, appearing translucent and even showcasing her lacey bra underneath, while her skirt is folded up above her waist to reveal her underwear and butt. Even the lace on her thong is highly detailed, with the stretched fabric being pulled by the hand only adding to the intimate tension.

Across the entire figure, different painting and sculpting styles are used to create the appearance of different fabrics and materials, such as the metal and wood on the chair, her tight knee-socks, and of course, the soft, lacey appearance of her underwear. Her exposed lower area isn’t the only charming point of this naughty figure, either, as her breasts are also exposed, popping out from not only her uniform shirt but also out of her bra underneath.

Her personality also comes through in this heart-stopping figure, with her short hair flowing over her shoulders and her adorable pouty-yet-flustered face. She has her hand resting on the chair while gently holding her arm with her other hand, looking back with anticipation as her underwear gets pulled down. The detail extends onto the furled ribbon she wears as part of her uniform too, making this after-class scene even more thrilling.

One of the highlights of the figure is how the pulled underwear interacts with her skin, leaving tight fabric marks as they would on a real person. Her chest also glistens as if she’s excited and sweaty, which is furthered by the ability to view everything depending on the angle. She can be taken off of her chair for those who want to get a closer look as well.

The customization doesn’t stop there, however, as collectors can also display her with one of two replacement parts, the second revealing significantly more of her butt than the first, with the strings of the thong pulling further down her thighs rather than higher up on her waist. Coupled with a separate vibrator accessory, this already intimate scene can be customized to be even more intense.

When displaying Pulled Girl with the second, more revealing butt piece, the marks from her underwear are visible in the previous spot she would have worn her underwear in as well, adding that realistic skin detail mentioned previously. This also shows her butt off much more clearly, for those who want a less obstructed view of this intimate area.

Regardless of how you choose to display her, the myriad of different replaceable parts and accessories can be individually selected, so you can set the level of naughtiness yourself. Combining all the parts creates a much more enticing and sexual scene, adding even more variety to both her expression and the breathtaking scenario and pose Pulled Girl finds herself in.

This sexy figure of Pulled Girl is available for pre-order now on the Native Online Shop now until April 26th, 2024, with a scheduled release date of October 2024. Be quick, though, as this intimate 1/6th scale figure is made-to-order, so those wanting to add this adorable and breathtaking scene to their figure collection won’t want to miss their chance!

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