Sanrio KitKats Hitting Shelves for Spring!

With the coming of spring, Nestle has unveiled a surprising new collaborative KitKat collaboration: a series of Sanrio KitKats! Showcasing many of the company’s most beloved characters, this sweet collaboration is the perfect way to ring in the season.

Scheduled for release on April 1st, 2024, these Collaborative KitKats aim to bring joy during Japan’s biggest transition period, which often sees those entering new schools, jobs, or homes. With a comforting strawberry milk flavor and the charm of Sanrio characters, they promise to uplift spirits amidst the stresses of change. The collection comprises 28 individual packages, with eight distinct outer designs.


In addition to popular characters like Minna no Tabo, Badtz-Maru, Hello Kitty, and Mimmy, fans can anticipate appearances from Usahana, Pekkle, Pochacco, Kuromi, My Melody, Kirimichan, Cinnamoroll, Wish Me Mell, Little Twin Stars, Pompompurin, Cogimyun, Corocorokuririn, Marron Cream, My Sweet Piano, and Tuxedo Sam. This is one of few collaborative products that showcases lesser-known Sanrio characters as well!

Each package showcases character designs on individual wrappers, which can be brought to life using augmented reality (AR) via an official website QR code, offering a fun interactive experience. In addition, each wrapper is accompanied by an uplifting message, such as “I love you,” “I’m rooting for you,” “I’m sure it’ll be okay,” and “I smile when I’m with you,” fostering encouragement in this often busy time.

The characters enclosed within each 10-piece pack are randomized, adding an element of surprise to each purchase. Additionally, a hidden character design is waiting to be discovered by lucky customers, which hasn’t been revealed officially yet. This limited-time product has no end date announced yet, so fans looking to try this new flavor should grab them while they can!

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