McDonald’s Japan Releases Adorable Nyan Cat-Like Anime Commercial!

McDonald’s Japan recently launched a new animated trailer for its Shaka Shaka Fries, fries that you add a flavor powder to and shake until they’re covered, with an all-new character–Shaka Cat, a lively character that internet users might find familiar!

The commercial and character are reminiscent of Nyan Cat, the viral animation of a cat flying through space accompanied by Hatsune Miku’s “Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya” song. In McDonald’s rendition, the lyrics are replaced with “shakashaka,” representing the sound of shaking or rattling, representing the Shaka Shaka fries.

Within a day of its release on Twitter, the Shaka Cat video garnered over seven and a half million views, sparking fan art and illustrations from those touched by the adorable ad. The original artist, Hamafugu, contributed additional drawings of the character, further amplifying its popularity. While the animated version gained traction, McDonald’s also released a live-action adaptation and a pixel art interpretation by Birdman surfaced online.

As for the fries’ flavors, the video showcases a salty plum and seaweed option, and a garlic, black pepper, and mayonnaise flavor. These new additions to the Shaka Shaka Fries lineup hit McDonald’s are only available for a limited time, however, so foodies who want to recreate the now-viral video may want to head to McDonald’s soon!

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