Pokémon 25th Anniversary Album Collaboration

Pokémon 25th Anniversary Album Collaboration

pokémon album collaborationWe’ve already talked about the Pokémon franchise celebrating it’s 25th anniversary this year. Starting with different brand collaborations the company furthermore announced a music album collaboration back in February.

It all started with Post Malone’s virtual concert experience of “Only wanna be with you”!

At the end of the video the company teases a whole 25th anniversary Pokémon collaborations album. It supposedly features the artists Post Malone, Katy Perry and J Balvin among “many more”. The album release is in autumn.

Pokémon Collab Katy PerryThis week Katy Perry’s contribution to the collaboration aired on Youtube. The song “Electric” tells the story of Katy and her Pikachu, looking back to when she was still an aspiring musician and her Pokémon was still a Pichu. Watch it here!

Pokémon 25th Anniversary Album Artists

Pokémon Collaboration album artistsSo far J Balvin is the only other artist that has been revealed. The release date of the reggaeton star’s MV is still a secret though. Concerning the other artists, the only information we have is that they are part of the Universal Music Group and Capitol Records. Nevertheless, the album is already available for pre-save on Spotify.

Other Pokémon anniversary goodies

Pokéball Finally, besides the music album the company promised merch and goodie releases with every MV that drops. On the anniversary website some of the merch is already available for purchase, including different Pokéball collectibles, books and booster packs.Pokémon anniversary Funko

Simultaneously, Funko Pop also jumped on the merch-train. They’re about to release special silver Funkos to celebrate the anniversary.

Additionally the company even looked out for your little ones. Learn numbers and letters with your favorite Pokémon with these little books!

Pokémon anniversary booksIn addition to this you can find more information about the music album and available merch at the official website!

Source: Pokémon Press

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