Anime Expo Gathers Global Attendance for 2022!

Every summer, Los Angeles transforms into a vibrant hub for anime and Japanese pop-culture enthusiasts from all corners of the globe, as one of the world’s most well-known anime conventions takes center stage: Anime Expo! This annual event is celebrated as the largest anime convention in North America and is renowned to fans with promises of immersive experiences, exclusive merchandise, electrifying cosplay, engaging panels, and so much more. Following the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, Anime Expo finally returns this year with an incredible turnout of fans, talent, and experiences after a massively anticipated wait!

A massive banner greets attendees at the Los Angeles Convention Center!

Hosted in downtown L.A.’s Los Angeles Convention Center, Anime Expo sprawls across multiple halls, each buzzing with its own unique energy and filled with everything fans have come to love from the event. From the moment attendees step foot into the convention center, they are greeted by a kaleidoscope of bustling banners, cosplayers, exhibitors, and a highly organized setup that guides visitors to their points of interest, whether it’s the well-stocked merchandise hall, panel rooms, or even just a place to meet their fellow attendees. The layout is meticulously organized, with designated areas for artist alleys, exhibitors, panel rooms, and main event stages, ensuring smooth navigation even while following strict COVID-safety precautions.

Cosplayers, attendees, and more gather at the entrance, greeted by banners and decorations.

The vendor hall is a treasure trove for everything related to Japanese pop culture or just general gaming and animation interests, boasting an eclectic array of merchandise ranging from rare collectibles to the latest releases, especially those typically difficult to obtain outside of Japan. From intricately crafted figurines and plushies to vibrant cosplay costumes and manga volumes, there’s something to satiate a collection from every fandom. The Artist Alley, another convention staple, shares a similar atmosphere, only made up of independent artists sharing their craft with attendees and adding a level of intimacy with fans able to engage with their favorite creators while also supporting them.

A peek at the anime goods paradise that is the convention’s merchandise hall.

The lifeblood of Anime Expo undoubtedly lies in its vibrant community of attendees, who converge together to share their love for every niche in the gaming and animation sphere. Every corner of the convention center serves as a stage for cosplayers to showcase their creativity and passion, bringing to life iconic characters with astonishing attention to detail, adding a depth of engagement to the event not often seen elsewhere. From meticulously crafted armor to elaborate gowns, the dedication of cosplayers is nothing short of awe-inspiring, turning AX into a living, breathing canvas of anime-inspired artistry. Resident cameraman Rescue the Princess also takes a deep dive into the incredible world of cosplay at this year’s Anime Expo, showcasing every aspect of the talent and community present!

Anime Expo isn’t just about shopping and cosplay; it’s also a platform for fans to delve deeper into their favorite series and engage with industry luminaries. Panels featuring renowned creators, voice actors, and industry insiders offer insights and engagement about everything from the world of anime production to exclusive looks behind the scenes of big-name companies and everything in between. Exclusive screenings provide sneak peeks into upcoming releases, and big names from every industry are also present to give fans the chance to meet their favorite talents. From Q&A sessions with beloved voice actors to in-depth discussions on the evolution of anime, the panel lineup caters to a diverse array of interests, ensuring that no matter what time it is, there’s always something to do.

Photo opportunities and immersive experiences for beloved franchises are everywhere in the corporate halls!

With the massive amount of activities and places to be, Anime Expo ensures that no part of your schedule needs to be left unfilled, but also gives attendees the freedom and relaxed nature to explore or spend their time at the convention however they see fit. The social atmosphere of the event, even following the pandemic, is nothing short of refreshing, with opportunities to meet fellow fans present from the large, decorated entryway to the late-night dance raves and more. A massive game room is also present, hosting not only rare games found almost exclusively in Japan, but also console games, board games, and a myriad of daily tournaments!

Attendees explore the sprawling halls and everything Anime Expo has to offer.

Whether you spend your time at Anime Expo shopping, learning about the industry, meeting fellow fans, or diving into the world of cosplay, Anime Expo has you covered and has certainly earned its stellar reputation as one of the world’s most incredible anime conventions. With something for everyone, this yearly event is truly a representation of the world of Japanese pop culture and the community behind it, and with the world slowly coming out of a global pandemic, we can hardly wait to see how this amazing experience continues to grow and bring fans together going forward!

Want to see the event for yourself? Check out our exclusive coverage of Anime Expo 2022 here, or watch below!

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