Chiikawa Collaborates with Tokyo Banana!

Tokyo Banana, the iconic banana-centric snack known as a souvenir staple for visitors and residents of Tokyo alike, has announced an all-new collaboration with Chiikawa!

This collaboration brings together the beloved Chiikawa characters illustrated by Nagano and Tokyo Banana, such as the “Chiikawa Banana Pudding Cake” adorned with Chiikawa characters and filled with delicious banana-flavored pudding!

The cake offers six adorable sponge cake patterns featuring the series’ characters, including Chiikawa, Hachiware, and Usagi! Each cake showcases intricate details, capturing the charm and cuteness of the Chiikawa world. Part of the excitement is seeing which assortment you get!

The package features exclusive art crafted exclusively for the collaboration, along with matching Tokyo Banana’s art aesthetic. The box features Hachiware, Usagi, and Chiikawa, along with cute ribbons on each individual cake. The shopping bags also feature adorable versions of the Chiikawa cast turned into Tokyo banana cakes!

This special collaboration runs from mid-March to May, 2024, but varies depending on the Tokyo Banana store, so be sure to check each individual store’s sale times and locations on the official site here. This adorable collaboration is also limited in availability, so be sure to grab it before it’s gone!

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