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BanG Dream Week! Runs Until May 20th

Multimedia franchise and music phenomenon BanG Dream! is having a special week of events called Bang Dream Week! from May 14th to May 20th...

Animate Girls Festival 2019 Announces Dates For 10th Anniversary

More incoming news from Anime Japan 2019! The Animate Girls Festival executive committee announced that this year's Animate Girls Festival will be held in...

Sword Art Online to Collaborate With Akihabara Electric Town Spring Campaign Once Again!

This year's Akihabara Electric Town Spring Campaign will take place from March 21st - April 30th, 2019 in what is titled, "The Last Akihabara...

Japanese Red Cross Society and TV Anime “Cells at Work!” Announces Collaboration Campaign

Japanese Red Cross Society and the TV anime series "Cells at Work!" have just announced a collaboration campaign taking place at blood donation centers...

Re:Zero’s Popular Heroines Ram and Rem’s Birthday Event Garners Over 2,222 Attendees

The incredibly popular light novel, further popularized by its anime adaptation, Re:Zero -- Starting Life in Another World is currently holding a special birthday...

Daikikougyou booth at the Miyazawa Mokei Autumn exhibition 2018

Daikikougyou - Miyazawa Mokei Autumn exhibition 2018We visited the Miyazawa Mokei Autumn exhibition 2018 to have at look at the both of our friends working...

Shunga exhibition in Akihabara – nuranura 展 2018

Akihabara is known for its huge offer of Japanese pop culture related content such as anime, games, maid cafes and sometimes even shunga. Shunga? As the...

Hoshino Fumina got a new skin, they said.

From May 10th (Thu) to 13th (Sun) 2018, there will be held a big event called "The 57th Shizuoka Hobby Show" in Twin Messe, Shizuoka. It's...

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