Uniqlo Unveils Final Fantasy Line of T-Shirts!

In an all-new collaboration for gamers and fashion enthusiasts alike, Uniqlo has unveiled a limited-edition lineup of Final Fantasy-themed T-shirts, with a focus on celebrating the iconic RPG series’ rich history and diverse characters!

Drawing inspiration from the recently remastered first six games, as well as the acclaimed Final Fantasy XIV and upcoming Final Fantasy XVI, this collection showcases a range of exclusive art and designs that pay homage to the franchise’s legacy.

Starting with the original Final Fantasy, the collection features an eye-catching design spotlighting the imp, the game’s first enemy encounter. On the back, a nostalgic reminder of the game’s challenging difficulty level adds to the shirt’s retro charm.

Moving forward to Final Fantasy VI, the iconic mage Terra shares the spotlight with a Moogle, capturing the game’s memorable characters in both pixel art and intricate illustration.

For fans of Final Fantasy XIV, a modernized interpretation of the Warrior of Light armor pays homage to the game’s iconic protagonist. Alternatively, a playful design featuring beloved in-game pets, including Chocobo, Moogle, and Fat Cat, adds a touch of whimsy to the collection.

Final Fantasy XVI also gets its moment with two distinct designs. One highlights the bond between protagonist Clive and his friend Jill, accompanied by their loyal canine companion Torgal. The other showcases the monsters known as Eikons, or summon beasts, featured prominently in the game.

Each T-shirt is priced at 1,500 yen and will be available for purchase in late June 2024 through the Uniqlo online shop, offering fans the perfect opportunity to showcase their love for the legendary Final Fantasy series in style!

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