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Around Akiba Food: Taste Taiyaki at Kuriko-an

Ok, here's a riddle: what's fishy, warm, and filled with beans?Stumped?Say hello to taiyaki.What is Taiyaki? Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped cake often filled with red...

Around Akiba Food: Dip into Tsukemen with GAKU

It's no joke to say ramen has taken the world by storm. From instant noodle flavors to suit taste buds in Mexico to $20 bowls...

How to Buy Akihabara’s Canned Oden from a Vending Machine

What is oden and why is it canned?Exploring the shops of Akihabara and budgeting for anime goods can both work up an appetite as...

Animate Cafe: The Safe Space for Fans in Japan

Animate Café is one of the most popular subculture-meets-sweets chains across Japan Decked out in a navy blue and white outfit to match my favorite...

Best Anime Collab Cafe: Ikebukuro Trattoria PARADiSO

An anime collaboration cafe that's not at Animate? The struggle to enter an anime collaboration cafe has become a rite of passage for many anime...

It’s always poppin at PaPipupe Polon Cosplay Cafe & Bar

Want the chance to mingle with local otakus? Just a 3 minute walk from the west entrance of Shimbashi station you’ll find a cozy...

@Home Café Opens New 5th Floor Store

Akihabara's famous @Home Café is back with a brand new store!  This time the 5th floor of their AKIBA store has been redone in...

Vault Coffee – A Hideaway in Akihabara

Need to take a break after your busy day of exploring? The 3rd floor of the Liberty 5 building hosts a cozy cafe getaway...

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