Relaxing on the Sea – Azur Lane’s Tosa Naruko Konatsu Figure by Daikikougyou!

After a long day of sailing the high seas, there’s nothing better than relaxing and unwinding. Where better to ease up after some naval warfare than on the beach, and what better way to spend time on the beach than with a cute girl? Luckily, Daikikougyou has us covered, with an all-new figure of the battleship Tosa (Naruko Konatsu) from Azur Lane!

This gorgeous 1/7th scale figure features Tosa in her charming and alluring beach outfit, with a stylish bikini complete with plenty of accessories. She sits on a large, comfortable beach chair, resting against it while seated on a sandy shore. Her large, fluffy tails also extend out from the chair, framing her even more beautifully.

This figure is especially incredible with the attention to small parts and details, all the way down to even the smallest aspects of the figure. Her toes and painted toenails are all individually sculpted and colored, and even bends and joints across her body look realistic. Each strand of hair and fur across her hair and tails also seems to be given special attention and care, each going its own direction and flowing realistically.

This is especially visible from the back, as they press against the beach chair and flow outwards. The gradient of purple is also incredibly beautiful and eye-catching, fading from a darker purple to a lighter shade throughout. This is also clear in her hair, which contrasts her tail color perfectly and matches the purple across her outfit and her overall atmosphere.

The different uses of coloring and material across the figure also create the appearance of differences in fabric, such as her translucent purple top that flows elegantly in the wind and her semi-translucent braided hair. The metallic accessories she wears, such as her small anklet, her earrings, and even the gold accents on her mask and various bands and accessories shine and appear as if they’re actual metal, which also complements her pale and purple color scheme brilliantly.

Her cute, charming, and slightly mischievous expression is incredibly cute as well, with her slightly lifted arms and seated pose only adding to her cute, stylish, and slightly naughty charm. Her accessories and the way her body is pressed against the chair also impact her body, hugging and pressing against the skin like they would in real life. She can also be lifted off of her seat so fans can view her freely from any angle.

Tosa’s blend of stylish and sexy fashion creates the perfect summery atmosphere, which is perfect when blended with Azur Lane’s ocean theme, considering all of the girls in the game are actually warships. Her highly fashionable sunglasses also seem reflective, and regardless of how she’s displayed or with what figures, are sure to add a gorgeous summer atmosphere to any collection. This is also Daikikougyou’s second Azur Lane figure collaboration, the first being Littorio!

This cute, beach-ready figure of Tosa from Azur Lane is available for pre-order now until June 20th, 2024, with a scheduled release date of September 2024, a perfect way to round out the summer fun. Fans of Azur Lane, especially those who have already added Daikikougyou’s Littorio to their collection, won’t want to add this elegant battleship to their fleet!

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