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Akihabara Shrine: Spiritual Relief for the Weary Otaku

Step aside Kanda Myojin Shrine, here is the Akihabara Shrine Kanda Myojin Shrine of Live Live fame is known as "the shrine" of Akihabara. But,...

Phantom – Military Supply Goods Shop

When you think of Akihabara you probably imagine kawaii maids, posters of busty anime girls, game arcades, and used electronics, but there’s another trend...

Vault Coffee – A Hideaway in Akihabara

Need to take a break after your busy day of exploring? The 3rd floor of the Liberty 5 building hosts a cozy cafe getaway...

A Tour of Polka*Polka 2nd Hand Cosplay Shop

Are you a cosplayer? Or, maybe you just want to be able to say you went inside a Japanese cosplay shop? Whatever your reason,...

A Glimpse Inside Akiba’s Little TGV Railroad Bar

Best described as a combination of a small train museum, a maid café, and an izakaya all rolled into one, the Little TGV train...

The 5 W’s of Angela – Reporter Spotlight

  We had always wanted to visit Tokyo, so when my husband got word we’d be moving here for his job in late 2013 we...

Beard Papa’s Pineapple Creampuffs!

  The famous chain, “Beard Papa”, now offers special “Golden Pineapple” flavored creampuffs. The new flavor will be available only until the end of July....

“Takeru”: A New Steak-House in Akihabara!

On July 3rd 2015, a new branch of the hamburger and steak chain-restaurant, “Takeru”, opened in Akihabara. The place offers a 3 day limited...

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