FechiFest 2022: Japan’s Craziest Fetish Event

From the most tame to the outright outlandish, everybody has something that gets them excited. While often kept for more intimate moments, it’s fun to learn about the things people love that they would normally keep hidden–and that’s what FechiFest is for.

FechiFest is Japan’s biggest fetish convention, showcasing booths and attendees who display their innermost fetishes for the world to see. From a false toilet you can enter to look up at a girl, to masterful rope tying techniques you can try for yourself, the event has no limits to the crazy things people find pleasurable.

As with many events, vendors and booths are plentiful, and attendees can buy products related to specific fetishes or meet models/idols that they’re fans of. Much like Cosholic, these models with offer Polaroids, with signatures, goods, and paid photo sessions.

There are also booths that are significantly more hands-on, giving those at the event an opportunity they couldn’t anywhere else. One such booth offers a vacuum-seal chamber guests can enter and feel the sensation of staff members tickling them, while another features famous Japanese AV Actor Riku Mukai and a syringe of slime fans can push into his mouth.

Models also get the opportunity to change their outfits halfway through the event, so fans can get a fresh look and more photo opportunities. Lotteries, fetish-specific gear that’s difficult to find elsewhere, and much more are also available for purchase.

While the event is certainly Not Safe For Work, it’s an eye-opening experience that all those in the fetish space should give a chance to see when in Japan. Many interesting people, booths, vendors, and even shows are put on display in a way that’s difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

Want to see some of the crazy things showcased at the event? Click here to see our exclusive coverage video, with bonus challenges from Tristan and Kirill!

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