It has been decided that a new figurine of Sharp’s “Weapon-Like Vacuum Cleaner” will be created by Kotobukiya. According to tweets both by Sharp and Kotobukiya, it seems that the two companies are excited to make a figure based on Sharp’s EC-SX310 vacuum cleaner.


 CJibfC1UcAAXw0k.jpg large



 CJirITVUcAEGCJ1.jpg large


Kotobukiya and Sharp kept tweeting each other, and they reached a conclusion that it is best for Kotobukiya to make a model of Sharp’s vacuum cleaner small enough so a figurine would be able to hold it. However, by becoming a figurine item, the product is no longer a weapon-like vacuum cleaner, but simply a weapon.


 CJiwUIBUYAAVvY1.jpg large


Please visit the original page of Sharp’s vacuum cleaner:







Akiba Jigoku

Akiba Jigoku

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