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This post was made possible by the generous efforts of our friend Iori-sonchō at Akiba Jigoku. Introducing news on anime, voice actors, figures, games, and more from Akihabara.

Mega House Figures at Wonder Fest 2015!

      As we continue our photo reports of Wonder Festival 2015, here is our review of the new figures at the Mega House booth. From...

The One Hobby Figures at Wonder Fest 2015!

      This photo report presents some of the figures at the One Hobby booth at Wonder Festival 2015.                   Source: http://ioryhamon.com/archives/8066709.html  

Fantasize with Figma Figures at Wonder Fest 2015

 This time, we give you the photo report of the Figma booth at the Wonder Festival 2015. The booth had many new figures of...

The Alter Booth at Wonder Fest 2015!

  Alter is well known for high quality figures. The figures on display at the Alter booth were simply amazing. From “To Loveru” to “K...

Kotobukiya Figures at Wonder Fest 2015!

      The Kotobukiya booth at Wonder Festival 2015, held on July 26th, displayed many new figurines. More information about the products will be revealed at...

100 New Nendroids at Wonder Festival 2015!

      On July 26, the Wonder Festival 2015 in Chiba had 22 booths displaying new nendroids.             More information regarding the figurines will be revealed in...

A New Record for the Love Live Movie Soundtrack Sale!

  “Sunny Day Song/ ? ß Heartbeat”, the single from the Love Live movie soundtrack was sold in 86,034 copies in a week. It is...

Love Live: School Idol Festival in Akihabara

The “Love Live School Idol Festival” Smartphone game boasts of more than 10 million users around Japan since July 13th. About 1 million new...

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