We visited the office of Daikikougyou again for another figurine review!
This time we had the great pleasure to review two fantasy creatures from the realm of Daikikougyou!

Behold! Here are Daki’s Goblin-san and Daiki’s Orc san!

Check out our video here for a detailed review!

Daiki's Goblin San and Orc San Thumbnail

Both of the two new figurines are Daikikougyou’s original figurines!

Orc-san waiting for people who enter his territory.

Goblin-san ready to strike down on some lost maidens.

They were sculptured by the famous Sato Hiroshi (Overdard) and Doujin Sensei!

Goblin-san and Orc-san are 1/12 scale figurines with an approximate height of about 15.5 cm.

Daiki’s Orc-san comes in a brown color with a green loincloth.

Orc-sans various hand parts make it possible to display him in various poses.

Orc-san can wield three different weapons.

The Club,

The sword,

and the axe!

Take off Orc-san’s loincloth to reveal his true manliness.  He comes with two secret weapons. A shorter and a longer one.

Daiki’s Orc-san comes with 9 hand parts in total and an exchangeable Goblin-san  face.

Daiki’s Goblin-san comes in a green color with a brown loincloth.

Goblin-san can also wield the three mighty weapons!

The sword, the axe and the club!

The same as with Orc-san, Daiki’s Goblin-san comes with 9 hand parts in total and an exchangeable Orc-san face.

Victory over his enemies!


Daiki’s Goblin-san and Daiki’s Orc-san are a must-have for lovers of Western Fantasy movies as well as anime and manga in which Orcs and Goblins appear.

They are now available for pre-order until the 7th of November 2019 and on sale in March 2020!

©OVER DARD/ダイキ工業
Sculptured by Sato Hiroshi (Overdard) and Doujin

「Daiki’s Goblin san and Orc san」by Daikikougyou!
Find Goblin-san on amiami: http://bit.ly/2YIJJ9b
Find Orc-san on amiami: http://bit.ly/2T71Xfi

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