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Pepatama by Dragonhorse – PAPER EFFECT


PAPER EFFECT, which is a special product line of PEPATAMA series products, featuring easy-to-build paper craft special effect parts that can be displayed with those motion figure products that are about 1/12 scale. These paper craft special effects including animation and comic style shockwaves, fighting spirits and explosions, which can be used to reenact those scenes such as superhero-landing, ground crash and sonic boom, etc.

Paper Effect by Pepatama - Fighting Spirit A - Comic Ver. Blue
Paper Effect by Pepatama – Fighting Spirit A – Comic Ver. Blue


How to use these paper craft effect parts?

Basically, PAPER-EFFECT products are no different from normal paper crafts. All you need to do is to cut out the parts from the templates and stick them together using adhesives such as wood glue. Just make sure to follow the instructions and anyone can build these paper effects in about 10 minutes.

Paper Effect by Pepatama - FIGHTING SPIRIT A Comic Ver. Gold
Paper Effect by Pepatama – FIGHTING SPIRIT A Comic Ver. Gold

・Why use paper to build effect parts?

Basically PAPER-EFFECT products serve the same purpose as PVC effect parts, which is to bring you more fun and dynamic atmosphere while you are displaying your figure collections. At the same time PAPER-EFFECT products do have some advantages over normal PVC effect parts. First is that they are much cheaper because they are paper crafts. Second is that they are reusable. As long as it’s not for commercial uses, customers can make copies of the templates, we don’t forbid them to do so for their personal uses. So customers can make new ones when the old ones are broken or worn out. Also they can build multiple sets to enable more dynamic display. The third advantage is that because the material is paper, more details can be made into the texture so the appearances of these paper craft effect parts can be even more dynamic and impressive than normal PVC effect parts. What’s more, the process of building a PAPER-EFFECT product can also be fun. It can be a training for your hands and brain, and can also be a way to help you to distress your mind.


Paper Effect by Pepatama - FIGHTING SPIRIT A Dark Ver. Red
Paper Effect by Pepatama- FIGHTING SPIRIT A Dark Ver. Red

A video to show how to build the Paper Effect by Pepatama – EXPLOSION A Anime Ver.

Pepatama – Paper Effect Explosion A Anime Version

Paper Effect by Pepatama - EXPLOSION A Anime Ver.

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