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Winter Wonder Festival 2017 – The excitement of Japanese anime figurines

Winter Wonder Festival 2017 – The excitement of Japanese anime figurines

For those who have attended Winter Wonder Festival, I believe all of you had a great time, right?! At least I had! ^^

If you might not have heard about the Wonder Festival, it is Japans biggest convention presenting the latest releases of the Japanese anime and game figurine industry!

Meow! Kitten on a chair?
This figurine was created by Embrace Japan! There are various “cat” series figurines and I have to say, I am totally hooked. They are so cute! Who can resist cat ears!

Embrace Japan Wonder Festival

Next, I would like to introduce to you a product by BigBoysToys Hong Kong, one of the largest Hong Kong manufacturers for official figures!
They are working on a series of Street Fighter figurines with lighting & sound effects.

Here are Blanka and Dhalsim for you!

Blanka & Dhalsm by BigBoysToys Wonder Festival

In addition, we have been creating a promotional video featuring the popular school girl uniform grandpa “Growhairism” and sexy cosplay model “Reona Izumi” to show you guys how to enjoy the Street Fighter figurine products by BigBoysToys products!

Street Fighter Figures by BigBoysToys

Check it out!

RAWR! Here comes the KING OF THE BEAST! It is one of the latest products by 52 Toys, from China!

They come in cubes, which kind of remind you of the world famous Rubik’s cube. They are very light and fun to play with!

We were very happy to be able to launch the sales of these Beast Kingdom cubes as exclusive items at the Milestone booth at the Winter Wonderfestival 2017.

The black and white version of the Trex were the most popular so far among the 4-different versions! Though we have to be honest, that we like all four of them. How about you?

Go2Toys Rex

Go2Toys Rex

After meeting the KING OF THE BEAST, here comes the huge, life-sized Mazinger Z by JUNGLE. Just look at the contrast between the soft vinyl figure (the smaller one in front) and the LIFE SIZE Mazinger Z!

Interested in purchasing a LIFE SIZE Mazinger Z and place is at your store (if you are a seller) or one in your room ( if you are a huge fan)! We are sure, your mother will love him!

Maginzer Z
Maginzer Z

Enough of beasts and robots? Next, we would love to introduce some lovely ladies to you!

“Sir, would you like a cup of coffee, tea, or maybe you would like me instead?” ♡

This life-sized sexy maid statue was displayed by Live! at their adult booth at Wonder Festival.

Live! One
Live! One

Here’s another maid-outfit character from the supal popular anime! Rem from Re:Zero !

ReZero statue
ReZero statue

Girls, prepare you tissues (in case of nose bleed),


Seems like there will be a Bento product! I guess it’s time for all girls to brush up on your cooking skills? ^^

Yuri on Ice
Yuri on Ice


Any time we visit the Wonder Festival is an exciting experience to be surrounded by figurines from famous anime and games as well as cosplayer.

If you haven’t  been to the Wonder Festival before we definitely recommend you to give it a try and check it out!

Milestone Banner

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