Recently we reported on Kantai Collection’s team-up with Pizza Hut, and now we have two more collaborations for you!  This time the cute battleship girls are joining hands with White Cross and Lawson Convenience Stores!

Hakujuji x Kantai Collection


In their collaboration with the Hakujuji (白十字), the girls are advertising bandages.  Definitely a necessity for our battling girls!  You can enter to win various Kankore prizes either in-store on via Twitter.  For more info check here:

Lawson x Kantai Collection


Various prize lotteries and exclusive goods are in the works, but the first part of Kantai Collection’s campaign with Lawson is for posters of the girls!


When you buy one of the Yunkeru products, you can also get one of the posters for free!

We made it look like she’s actually giving the product!


These won’t last long, so make sure to hurry!  I wonder what the next collaboration’s gonna be!

For more pics: and

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