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This post was made possible by the generous efforts of the 1UP Information Center. Delivering the latest on anime, games, hobbies, electronics, cosplay, and cuisine from Akihabara before all the others.

Chill out at Sweet Nightmare Café!

          The popular concept Café & bar Sweet Nightmare offers a special campaign: all customers who arrive before 8 PM, get their first drink for free!...

Macross F Summer Festival!

      The event took place on the 1st floor of Bellesalle in Akihabara, on July 26th. To celebrate the sale of a new Pachinko game...

A Yukata Clad Figures Exhibition at Volks Akihabara!

      Volks Akihabara Hobby Tengoku hosts an exhibition of figures of different makers. The exhibition includes many figures, from “To Loveru” to “Kill La Kill”....

Union Creative Figures at Wonder Fest 2015

      Here is our photo report of the Union Creative booth at the Wonder Festival 2015. The booth had a grand display of figurines from...

Shounen Sunday Café: An Amazing Collaboration Menu!

      “Bar Rhythm” – on the basement floor of Pasela Resorts in Akihabara – in a collaboration with Shounen Sunday, opened the Shounen Sunday Café...

From Ranma 1/2 to Bruce Lee: Bandai Figures at Wonder Fest 2015!

      The Wonder Festival 2015, held on July 26th, had everything: cosplayers, stage events, booths, exhibitions, merchandise, and so on. Bandai also had a professional...

A Hot Cosplay Report From Wonder Festival 2015!

      The Wonder Festival 2015 was held in Chiba on July 26th. This annual summer festival is known for its large cosplay open space. Cosplayers...

See New Heights with Psycho Gundam Figures

   The “Premium Bandai” official online store offers a new figure of Psycho Gundam from the “Assault Kingdom” series. In the original Gundam series, Psycho...

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