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Amp Up Your Style at INDOR Akihabara

INDOR Akihabara – Video Game Fashion Paradise

INDOR Akihabara: Your one stop for anime and gaming fashion

INDOR Akihabara
Time to check out what is indoors at INDOR

When you think of fashion in Tokyo, more than likely you imagine Harajuku and Shibuya, hipper parts of town that cater to the trend-conscious youth. Akihabara, on the other hand, has the image of the sweaty otaku, an imagined figure not particularly concerned with looks outside of cosplay. While this is a blatant stereotype, the “Akihabara Aesthetic” doesn’t exactly connote “cool.”

But, INDOR is here to change that. A cozy store minute away from Akihabara Station, INDOR specializes in clothing and fashion goods based on retro games, anime, and manga. The store boasts that it is “made in Akihabara by Akihabara” and its wide selection manifests that. Curious to see what INDOR has to offer, the Around Akihabara team visited the store.


INDOR Akihabara
Don’t let the size of the store fool you, INDOR is jam-packed with unique clothes and products.


Pumped about the latest Sonic game? Show your love with specially designed Sonic the Hedgehog t-shirts. Each shirt come with a vintage-style box that can double as decor and storage.


INDOR Akihabara
These cases look like a blast from the past, but they actually are for current technology. Gotta appreciate that old-school look.


INDOR Akihabara
INDOR also has its own brand called ANIPPON that specializes in creating goods in collaboration with anime, manga, and games. Check out their official website for more information. 


INDOR Akihabara
If you are a fan of the Fate series, you should take a look at these shoes.


INDOR Akihabara
INDOR also has a line of bags. With sharp style, these bags are even appropriate outside of Akihabara.


INDOR Akihabara
With T-shirts, shoes, bags, and much much more, INDOR Akihabara is here for you.


INDOR Akihabara
While not an arcade, this store certainly has its fair share of games.

Where to find INDOR Akihabara

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