Hatsune Miku Comes to Magic: The Gathering with Exclusive Cards!

Magic: The Gathering is no stranger when it comes to collaborations with other aspects of pop culture, such as its recent Lord of the Rings card collab. But now, fans of the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku have something to look forward to, as the iconic virtual singer also comes to Magic: The Gathering!

Through the innovative Secret Lair limited-print online-sale sub-brand, fans can now acquire the exclusive Secret Lair x Hatsune Miku: Sakura Superstar set, featuring six enchanting cards inspired by Miku’s iconic songs and stage persona. There are six cards in total, each featuring different aspects of Miku’s personality and her background in Japan, such as Sakura Miku’s iconic pink look and a cutesy, anime-centric Miku amidst a cyberstage background.

Each card also features Miku illustrated in different, unique art styles drawn exclusively for the collaboration, and fans can choose between non-foil or slightly pricier rainbow foil sets, each offering a unique collector’s experience. Wizards of the Coast and Hatsune Miku also released an exclusive, collaborative promotional video for the set’s release:

This exclusive collaboration is only on sale on the official Magic: The Gathering online shop between May 13th and June 2nd, 2024, so fans won’t want to miss this piece of pop-culture history before it’s gone!

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