One Punch Man fans, rejoice! After three long years, Viz Media has confirmed that season two will begin airing in April 2019. Avid manga readers may notice a familiar face in the announcement trailer: it seems that Garou, the Hungry Wolf, will be making an appearance. Click above to watch the whole teaser!

In case you’ve never read the manga, here’s a quick rundown: Garou is one of Bang’s former students. He’s extremely powerful, intelligent, and has a strong sense of morality, despite hunting down and killing heroes. Think Stain from My Hero Academia. Here’s the real shock, though: he’s in the manga for quite some time, so don’t expect it to be a “one episode and done” kind of deal.

What is One Punch Man?

The series rocketed to fame back in 2015 thanks to its loving jabs at shonen series tropes. Almost every episode of One Punch Man has a new villain who, after yelling about how they’re going to rule the world, is obliterated with a single punch from the protagonist, Saitama. Sounds like it’d get boring quickly, right? Well, it might if Saitama wasn’t so relatable.

one punch man
Saitama just wants to chill. (Photo credit: Viz Media, 2015)

He’s a “hero for fun”. That means when he’s not fighting world-eaters, we get to see him grocery shopping, doing chores, and sleeping late. Yes, sometimes these activities overlap and yes, it’s hilarious.

Where Can I Watch It?

Seriously, if you haven’t already, you owe it to yourself to watch this show. It’s currently available dubbed on Netflix and subtitled on Hulu.

We know, we know: Netflix and Hulu are the kiss of death for currently airing shows. However, it seems likely that the next season will be simulcast on one of the usual streaming services. One Punch Man is a global phenomenon now, after all. Don’t worry – we’ll keep you up-to-date with any new info as it’s announced.

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