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Manga Planet Launches Kasuga Yasunori’s New Manga Series

Kasuga Yasunori to Write New Manga Series

Manga community Manga Planet announced on September 17, 2017, that they plan to launch two original manga series this October on their official website. The two series will be The Golden Age of Decadence illustrated by Yutsuki and  AFTER SCHOOL! illustrated by Umiharu. Kasuga Yasunori, known for the novelization of Ghost in the Shell, will write both of the manga series. This project appears to be the website’s first concrete project in years.

Manga Planet has collaborated with Japan Animation and Manga College (JAM), a specialty school located in Niigata, to produce these two manga series. Illustrator Umiharu is a graduate of JAM.

The Golden Age of Decadence Manga Planet
Above is the official artwork for The Golden Age of Decadence. The tagline states the manga will take place in the Paris suburbs where poets will fight against ghosts from a valley of forgetfulness.


Manga Planet
Above is the official artwork for AFTER SCHOOL. The tagline reads, “Only after school are these girls free.”

More information will be announced at a later date, according to Manga Planet.

Established in 2012, Manga Planet is a project helmed by Tokyo-based virtual reality company Fantasista Inc.  The following is the project’s mission statement:

“Manga Planet” is a project that aims to introduce Japanese manga and anime to the world, as well as communicate with fans from around the world. “I like this one,” “there is an author like this in my country,” and “look at what I made!” — If we could get these sorts of thoughts and support from everyone, this project will become even more enjoyable and successful. Our goal is to see “Manga Planet” become a place of cultural exchange that connects the world’s fans with Japanese content.

Manga Planetは、日本のマンガ・アニメを世界に紹介し、世界中のファンとコミュニケーションを取ることを目指したプロジェクトです。
「僕はこんな作品が好き」「自分の国にはこんな作家がいるよ」「私の作品を見て!」など、皆さんの感想、声援をたくさんいただければ、このプロジェクトはさらに楽しくなります。Manga Planetをきっかけに、日本のコンテンツと世界のファンが繋がる交流の場になれば幸いです。

Currently, Manga Planet has two Facebook pages dedicated to spreading information about manga to countries outside of Japan such as India.

Zeb Teckto
Writer and observer in Tokyo. In the search for the ultimate anime startup.

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