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Complete your Collection with Polynian FLL Iana  

Customize your Collection with Curves

Polyian FLL Iana  
Polynian FLL Iana is curvy, cute and ready for action. (c)DAIBADI PRODUCTION

Making its highly anticipated debut for February 2018, Polynian’s new figure Iana by DAIBADI PRODUCTION is now up for pre-order at Milestone. At approximately 130 mm with sea-green hair, striking blue eyes, and a lovely curvy body, Iana makes for an excellent addition to any collection of women’s figures. 

Polyian FLL Iana  
Like all Polynian figures, Iana is posable. (c)DAIBADI PRODUCTION

Iana’s adjustable shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle joints allow you to customize her every pose, while her tiled base maintains greater stability on flat surfaces. And if you don’t want Iana stuck to her base, you can remove her from the hexagonal tiles, giving her a greater freedom of placement. Her flexibility makes her perfect for backgrounds and diorama cases created by Hakoniwa Giken and props from Dragon Horse.

Polyian FLL Iana  

Your Imagination is the Limit

Her fifteen-part customizable set includes six different hand positions as well as three different faces, giving Iana hundreds of different looks. Also, since she is part of the Polynian line of figures, her parts are interchangeable with other figures. Thought the Polynian Motoroid Pinkle figure was lacking in certain areas? Never fear! You can make any Polynian figure in your collection plump and cute with Iana. 

Polyian FLL Iana  
Iana is complete with two face plates and five sets of hands. (c)DAIBADI PRODUCTION

Polynian FLL Iana joins her sister figures from the Polynian figure line. Most recently, DAIBADI PRODUCTION released the Motoroid Pinkle this past summer. A police robot, Motoroid Pinkle is ready to charm with her ^^ and > < face place along with her pistol and police baton. Polynian Rucio figure, a naughty, lively kōhai wearing a competitive swimsuit hit shelves in November 2017.

Milestone is now accepting reservations for Yanna for 5,100 yen.

Polyian FLL Iana  

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