The Yamanote Line is the most well-known train line in all of Tokyo, and on it there is only one station with a male to female ratio of roughly 7:3.  You guessed it, Akihabara.  Akiba is known as a paradise for guys, a safe-haven from the intricacies of standard society, but that doesn’t mean that girls can’t enjoy it as well.  And it was for that reason that Jun Utahiroba, bassist from the ultra-popular music group Golden Bomber, created Autumn Leaf―for the ladies.

This one's for you, ladies.
Here’s to you, ladies.

An interior as crisp as autumn leaves

  • Autumn Leaf Akihabara inside

Autumn Leaf has a very inviting interior with beautiful artwork and continual showings of Golden Bomber’s live performances to keep you entertained between bites.  They also provide many different magazines for reading and also blankets if you feel cold.  The warm lighting balances well with the red seating that is also quite comfortable.

Fresh fruit and fun

  • Autumn Leaf food
    I got pineapple, mango, and banana cuz I'm such a tropical guy.
  • Oh, hello there Mr. Pineapple!
  • Ermagershthisisderrricious!
  • Gimme dat french toast!
  • ...Thank you!
  • Wash it down with some passionate strawberry nectar.
  • 10/10 -IGN

There are various foods available for order, like sasuage platters, tomato and avocado bruschetta, omelettes over rice, pasta, soup, and more, but the main specialty of Autumn Leaf is their dessert set.  The dessert set is a combination of either pancakes or french toast, three fruits of your choosing, and a smoothie or cafe drink.  The fun part of the set is that you get to pick a design to be drawn in front of you in your sauce or syrup, a commemorative postcard, and also get to take a picture with one of the staff as well!

I got a photograph with Utahiroba-san! We look pretty great together ;)
I got a photograph with Utahiroba-san! We look pretty great together 😉

 It’s raining (ike)men.  Hallelujah!

  • Your wish is their command.
  • Service with a smile.
  • The boys in the back working hard to satisfy you.
  • A fine man displaying some of the fine reading materials.
  • Hello, ladies~
  • Autumn Leaf Akihabara
    Nate, you're too big. Get in the back!
  • Autumn Leaf staff

Something that also sets Autumn Leaf apart from other cafés is that the staff is made up completely of good-looking guys.  And they’re not just eye candy, either.  Each member of the staff is hand-selected by Utahiroba-san and has to have something about them, besides their good looks, that goes above and beyond your everyday hunk.  Some are talented singers, others are great chefs, and some have other talents beyond that, so come back often and get to know them all!


Autumn Leaf outside
Our friend, Sasakichi, showcasing the exterior!
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