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Nate Banchou

Hi, I’m Nate. I’ve been learning about Japan since I was a kid and have lived here for 3.5 years and counting. I used to compete professionally in yo-yoing, and have always loved video games, especially fighting games. Not a huge anime/manga buff, but my favorites are One Piece and Slam Dunk.

@Home Café Opens New 5th Floor Store

Akihabara's famous @Home Café is back with a brand new store!  This time the 5th floor of their AKIBA store has been redone in...

Star Kebab – The star of Akihabara eats

America has tacos.  Japan has Doner Kebabs.  And Akihabara has the best ones in all of Japan, winning the Kebab Grand Prix! If you've been...

Thanko Rare-mono Shop – Hunting for treasure

Akihabara is home to an incredible amount of innovation and improvement, and Thanko's Rare-mono Shop (rare things shop) is an excellent example of that....

Bar Sekirei – A glass of class with a shot of Akiba

It all started with a dream―to bring a traditional bar to Akihabara―and after a lot of hard work and persuasion, Bar Sekirei opened in...

SpinGear – The World (Yo-Yo Contest) On a String

The coolest thing about Akihabara is that it has something for everyone.  Even yo-yo nerds like me!  SpinGear is a premium yo-yo specialty store...

MARSLAB – All the t-shirts you never knew you needed

MARSLAB, formerly Wonder T-shirts Festival (NEO), redesigned their shop and have more awesome t-shirts than ever!  In fact, that's pretty much everything they have: t-shirts...

An Intro to Pro Yo-Yoing ala Japan’s National Yo-Yo Contest

https://youtu.be/k4UGSdHHH60 Last week I was lucky enough to go to the Japan National Yo-Yo Contest.  Yeah, that exists.  AND it's totally balls-to-the-walls awesome!  Held on...

maidreamin – You’ll never want to wake up

Maidreamin is one of, if not the most popular maid cafe in the whole world!  They're all over Akihabara, the rest of Tokyo, and...

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