We visited the office of Daikikougyou again for another figurine review!
This times figurine was INDEXGIRLS INDEX Chan by Daikikougyou!

Check out our video here for a detailed review!

She was illustrated by the famous Taiwanese illustrator Qazieru Sensei. The sculpturing was made by Tsutakeze Toshi Sensei and the coloring was made by Sakura Sensei.

Index Chan Index Girls
Index chan is the mascot character of a Taiwanese anime goods store as well as a Mangaka circle from Taiwan!

Index Chan Index GirlsINDEXGIRLS INDEX Chan is wearing a very revealing dress which resembles maid clothing.

Index Chan Index GirlsThere are many heart marks as well as ribbons on her clothing!

Even on the backside of her panties.

The color scheme of INDEXGIRLS INDEX Chan is black, white and pink!

INDEXGIRLS INDEX Chan is actually a very serious lady who works in an anime goods store but her Senpai convinced her to work in the Hentai section of the store so now she became a very naughty girl…

Her hair, as well as her eyes, have a very beautiful pink color! Her skin tone as a light tan.

Our favorite charm point is the red rose she is wearing as well as her white neck collar and black ribbon.

As most of Daikikougyou’s figurines, her chest is very big!

There are 4 versions you can display INDEXGIRLS INDEX Chan in. fully dressed, only removing her underwear, only removing her corset, and removing her underwear as well as her corset.

Index Chan Index GirlsINDEXGIRLS INDEX Chan is the perfect figurine for lovers of sexy figurines as well as the color pink.

Index Chan Index Girls Index Chan Index Girls

She is now available for pre-order until July 2019 and on sale in November 2019!

Sculptured by 蔦風徒子
Coloring by 佐倉

INDEXGIRLS INDEX Chan by Daikikougyou

Find the figure on amiami >>https://bit.ly/2PnWQFN<<

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