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Steins Gate 0, Episode 16 Review: Reaching Boiling Point

The truth is out and the gloves are off. In episode 16, Steins Gate 0 does what it’s been trying to do since the...

Steins Gate 0, Episode 14 Review: Binary Choices

Steins Gate 0 spent much of its fourteenth episode pondering the impact that choices have upon our lives. After its disappointing thirteenth episode, this...

Steins Gate 0, Episode 7 Review: Full Circle

It may have taken seven episodes, but Steins Gate 0 has finally shown some time travel. This episode was mostly used to drive the...

Steins Gate 0, Episode 13 Review: Secret Missions

There was a time when Steins Gate was the pinnacle of anime. It had everything: an interesting hook, a ragtag but loveable cast, and...

Steins Gate 0, Episode 12 Review: More from Mayuri

Well, it wasn’t the fresh start we were hoping for, but Steins Gate 0 nevertheless used its twelfth episode well. We got to see...

Steins Gate 0, Episode 11 Review: One Arc Ends, Another Begins

Stein’s Gate 0 still needs to work on its pacing, but episode 11 actually resolves the series’ first arc fairly well. Gunshots in Akiba When they’re...

The Problem with Anime Awards Shows

Well haven’t times changed? Anime is no longer a niche hobby – we even have awards shows that highlight the best anime for each...

“Made in Abyss” Wins Anime Awards 2017 by Crunchyroll – “My Hero Academia” Wins many other awards

Crunchyroll announced the winner of its annual Anime Awards for the best Anime TV series, movie, characters and music in 2017. The vote started...

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