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TBS Group will be acquiring of the anime production house Seven Arks Groups, as announced by the Tokyo Broadcasting Holdings.


“Seven Arks” is known for producing the popular series “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha”, “DOG DAYS” series, “Majestic Prince” and “Trinity Seven”.

Tokyo Broadcasting Holdings states that the reason behind its acquisition is for TBS group to “enlarge its business of anime distribution and copyright business, as well as enhance its use of anime in its video streaming” and “improve the company’s growth and production capabilities to encourage a positive cycle of business growth by targeting mid-long term strutting of its anime business.”

In the near future, Seven Arks is producing “Dances with the Dragons” to be broadcast on BS=TBS next April. It will be the first work to collaborate with TBS.

Translated from Kandaka Omoshiroi