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Shounen Sunday Café: An Amazing Collaboration Menu!

      “Bar Rhythm” – on the basement floor of Pasela Resorts in Akihabara – in a collaboration with Shounen Sunday, opened the Shounen Sunday Café...

Vault Coffee – A Hideaway in Akihabara

Need to take a break after your busy day of exploring? The 3rd floor of the Liberty 5 building hosts a cozy cafe getaway...

Chill at the Akiba Beach Hut Café

      A new concept café is open for only a few days, at the rental space “Seventh Heaven” in Akihabara. From July 20th until 23rd,...

A Glimpse Inside Akiba’s Little TGV Railroad Bar

Best described as a combination of a small train museum, a maid café, and an izakaya all rolled into one, the Little TGV train...

A “Non Non Biyori Repeat” Collaboration Café!

      From July 15th until August 17th, Animax Café Akihabara and Non Non Biyori Repeat offer a special collaboration café, only for this limited period...

Cat Café Lecture!

    Cat cafés are extremely popular in Japan. “Cat Café Nyanny” in Akihabara invites you to hear a lecture about special beauty treatments for your...

Great success for the “Swimsuit Café”

  On June 28th, the rental café “Seventh Heaven” in Akihabara turned into a swimsuit themed café for only one day. All reservations were booked...

Spooky Maid Café in Akihabara – “Sweet Nightmare”

On the weekend of June 5th and 6th, Akihabara´s hideout-like Halloween-themed café “Sweet Nightmare” celebrated its 1st year anniversary! The café´s Gothic interior, wooden surfaces,...

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