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Disciplinary Committee School Girl Figurine

Meet the head of the uniform disciplinary committee Kazama Kinoko! Find her here: >>https://bit.ly/3aADBV6<< Based off of an original illustration by POPQN, this figurine has been brought...

Sakura Natsuki the Selfie Master Figure Review

We visited the office of Daikikougyou again for another figurine review! This time's figure is Sakura Natsuki an original design by Oryo sensei! Find her here: https://bit.ly/31idBsI Check...

Female Chief Kishi Mieko Beach Version Figure Review

We visited the office of Daikikogyou again for another figurine review! This time we have Female Chief Kishi Mieko (beach version)! Be sure to check...

12 Minutes of Final Evangelion Movie to Be Streamed this Weekend

12 min of Final Evangelion Movie to be Streamed It was just announced that on March 7th (see below for exact times), the first 12...

New Ponytail Girl Reina [Winter Clothes Version] Figure Review

Today we're reviewing this new figurine from Daikikougyou! It's actually a whole new version of a figurine we've covered before! It's Reina, our favorite...

Horns, Glasses & Animal Ears: TKM Figure Review (Daikikogyou)

It's time for another figurine review from Daikikogyou! This time is it's an original figure based off of artwork from Jiyu-sensei (磁油2). Buy her here: http://bit.ly/36b18d4 Check...

Godzilla Theme Park Opens in Japan

Going Inside the Largest Godzilla in the World On Awaji Island a Godzilla theme park is now open for business. It features a massive Godzilla...

Mecha Cosplay Paradise at Super Robocos Expo

Mecha Cosplay-Only Event Starts Up in Osaka Did you know that there is a convention dedicated to mecha cosplay? Held for the first time this...

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