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Sunflower Girl Kurumi Momose

Sunflower Girl Kurumi Momose Figurine Review  Meet Kurumi Momose, a cute girl waiting to give you some sunflowers! Based on the artwork by Sakura Miwabe,...

Aspiring Idol “Nikaido Yuki” Figurine Review

It's time for another figurine review! This time is a beautiful and cute girl by the name of Nikaido Yuki!She is based on an...

NANIKAIROIRO girl [Liko] by Toridamono & Daikikougyou – Figurine Review

We visited the office of Daikikougyou again for another figurine review!Find the figurine on amiami: >>https://bit.ly/3xQZvg6<<Today's figure is called NANIKAIROIRO girl. "Iroiro" basically means that...

Chainsaw Man Exhibition in Tokyo

Chainsaw Man, the Japanese manga about devils and devil hunters is gaining popularity around the globe. With it's wild characters and gruesome fight scenes,...

Studio Trigger Event Opens in Japan

The World of Hiroyuki Imaishi If you've seen the anime Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill or Panty and Stocking then you know the works of...

One Winged Jishia Dark Fantasy Figurine Review

We visited the office of Daikikougyou again for another figurine review! This time we have something a little bit different from what we usually...

How Japanese Gravure DVDs are Made

Recently one of our YouTube co-hosts, Fay Prince, got an offer from a Japanese production company to produce a gravure DVD in Okinawa. Gravure...

Disciplinary Committee School Girl Figurine

Meet the head of the uniform disciplinary committee Kazama Kinoko!Find her here: >>https://bit.ly/3aADBV6<<Based off of an original illustration by POPQN, this figurine has been brought...

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