“Oshi no Ko” Fashion to Join Uniqlo Lineup!

After Uniqlo’s incredibly popular lineup of One Piece collaborative clothing, the Japanese clothing giant has officially announced a new anime-themed set of clothes to join the lineup: an all-new line of Oshi no Ko collaborative t-shirts!

The collection includes five designs for adults and four for children. The first adult design features idol Ai Hoshino standing tall on the back, with the phrase “Limitless eternal support for Ai!” printed over the wearer’s heart on the front. This design is simplistic and doesn’t take over much of the shirt, giving fans of the series a way of expressing their love for the show subtly.

Another shirt presents Ai in a darker color scheme, reflecting the series’ often somber tone with the title written underneath. Aside from the dark black tones, it’s also highlighted in a purple hue across her image, being a nice dark piece of clothing that can also match many different outfits and accessories.

The third design features a soft blue color with a faded design of both Aqua and Ruby, the twins of the series. Adding a layer of symbolism and contrast to the dark, bold previous design, this shirt is a more direct nod to the series and the layers present in the show’s characters.

Ruby, also appears in another design, in a shirt that celebrates the formation of B-Komachi and Ruby’s journey in the entertainment industry and in becoming an idol herself. The shirt is the second with a darker color, but rather than a dark tone, is rather uplifting and exciting.

The final adult-size shirt in the collection showcases Ai’s rabbit cosplay outfit, adding a playful touch to the lineup with a small and fun motif from the show on the front. The new collaborative t-shirt line will be available from July 5th, 2024 through Uniqlo’s online shop and physical stores, offering fans a stylish way to show their support for the series!

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