Kiki’s Delivery Service Teams Up with McDonald’s Japan!

McDonald’s Japan has teamed up with Studio Ghibli for an exciting new series of burgers based on Kiki’s Delivery Service! This collaboration brings three new “Europe Burgers” inspired by European cuisine, with characters Kiki and her cat Jiji fronting the campaign in a brand-new commercial and a lineup of promotional art!

The new burger lineup includes the German Potato Thick Beef, priced at 520 yen (US$3.29), which features a layer of chunky potatoes. Another offering is the Peperoncino Juicy Hot Chicken, available for 450 yen, containing red peppers and aioli sauce. Lastly, the Bouillabaisse-Style Shrimp, costing 470 yen, includes a shrimp cutlet paired with a smooth bouillabaisse sauce.

To promote these new items, McDonald’s has created an animated TV commercial starring Aoi Yuki as Kiki and Daisuke Sakaguchi as Jiji. The clip, inspired by Eiko Kadono’s original story, showcases Kiki introducing the new burgers while delivering them through the air.

The “Europe Burgers” are part of McDonald’s world-inspired menu series, which has previously featured items themed around New York and Asia. This latest collection aims to bring a taste of Europe to Japanese customers. The burgers will be available from June 26th, 2024 until the end of July, so fans should fly over to their local McDonald’s Japan location to make sure they grab a taste of this magical collaboration before it’s gone!

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