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Sailor Moon Manhole Coasters Available for Free in Tokyo!

Sailor Moon fans have a new reason to explore Tokyo, as Minato Ward's Tourism Information Center extends a warm welcome to fans with exclusive...



Tradition and Modernity Meet with Sanrio Kimono!

Kimono and Hello Kitty are both iconic symbols of Japanese culture, representing traditional aspects of Japanese culture with modern-day style and design. And now,...


New Legend of Zelda Merch Brings Hyrule Home!

Nintendo has unveiled a new line of merchandise for fans based around the series' newest installment, Tears of the Kingdom! From rugs to accessories...

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Miku Expo Returns for Digital Show in 2023!

Fans across the world have come to love Vocaloid idol Hatsune Miku since her debut 16 years ago, and now fans don't need to...

Akihabara Culture Festival Brings The Best to One Place!

Otaku all across the globe gather in Akihabara to indulge in every aspect of Japanese pop-culture, from anime to V-Tubers and everything in between....

Japan Crepe Store Gets Aikatsu Collaboration!

Beginning June 2023, fans of the idol series Aikatsu! can enjoy a collaborative event sponsored by anime goods shop AmiAmi and Marion Crepes! The event...

We Met Famous Cosplayers at COMIKET 100!

Comiket is known around the world as being the largest doujinshi (self-published comic) convention there is, so it's no surprise that fans gather from...

Holo Live V-Tuber Group Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Cake!

Holo Live, the group behind many well-known V-Tuber (Virtual YouTuber) idols, celebrates it's 5th anniversary with collaborative cakes from! With V-Tubers and V-Tuber culture...


Miku Meets Contemporary Art at New Museum Event!

An exciting contemporary art event centered around the virtual icon Hatsune Miku is set to captivate audiences at Shibuya PARCO! Showcasing approximately 40 unique...

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