Food, Drinks, and Maids – HoneyHoney Maid Cafe Opens in Nakano!

If you’re in Nakano and need a place to unwind and feel like royalty, HoneyHoney Maid Cafe has you covered, with its all-new location right next to Nakano Broadway! Offering a delightful experience combining food, drinks, and charming maid service, this cozy cafe on the second floor provides a convenient and scenic spot for visitors while getting the full maid treatment!

As you step into HoneyHoney Maid Cafe, you are warmly greeted by the charming maids who work there in a clean, new, and modern setting. The restaurant’s inviting atmosphere is enhanced by the personal touches in the menu, which is entirely hand-drawn by the maids. It features a wide variety of food and drink to ensure that there’s something for every taste pallet. From the classic customizable omurice to more izakaya-style dishes like fried squid or udon, whatever you’re in the mood for, the maids will prepare it!

One unique aspect of Honey Honey Maid Cafe is the availability of alcoholic beverages, including exclusive cocktails only offered at the Nakano location and fruit sours that are hand-squeezed by the maids directly at your table. The menu also includes interactive dining experiences, such as omurice and special lattes where the maids draw custom designs on top as per your request. They’re also incredibly talented artists!

The engaging conversation and attentive service from the maids make every guest feel like the master of the room, with each maid enthusiastically talking and listening to whatever you have to say. For those with a sweet tooth, the cafe offers beautifully decorated parfaits and waffles, served with care by the maids. If you have a bigger appetite, you can enjoy massive mugs and floats full of dessert, too!

Honey Honey Maid Cafe also features a fully stocked, high-class bar, with a maid serving the drinks and engaging if you want a more traditional bar experience. On top of this, the maids also work the dining area and kitchen, ensuring you receive royal treatment wherever your dining experience takes you in the restaurant!

With great food, delicious drinks, and exceptional service, HoneyHoney Maid Cafe is a must-visit destination near Nakano. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, be sure to stop by for an unforgettable experience! From the memorable and charming interactions with the cute maid girls to the delicious food and drink, HoneyHoney Maid Cafe should be your #1 spot to go when in the Nakano area!

Below is the full access information for you to plan your next trip:

HoneyHoney Maid Cafe Nakano

AK Building 2F, 5-68-9 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Approximately 6 minutes walk from JR Nakano Station

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