Meet Lala Kudo — Japan’s Youngest Looking Pornstar!

We had the chance to sit down and talk with Lala Kudo, Japan’s youngest looking AV idol, while shooting gravure content in Tokyo!

While guesses around Lala Kudo’s real age may vary, few would believe it when it’s revealed — Lala Kudo is actually 20 years old!

And though it might seem strange that the young-looking AV idol is older than appears, she also openly embraces the more adult aspects of her life — some from when she was even younger.

“I do enjoy alcohol!” Lala Kudo tells us when offered a glass of whiskey. “And ever since I was a student, I have been watching porn. I really liked the porn actresses because they were so cute!”

Her enjoyment of adult content wasn’t the only thing that led to her career in the AV industry, however. Lala Kudo also finds herself watching movies regularly, with acting specifically grabbing her attention.

But with her unique appearance, how does this affect her roles in such a different career?

“I’m often playing a grade schooler or a middle schooler,” she reveals. “But rather than a school uniform, I’m wearing children’s clothes.”

And while the industry she works in might be seen as having to be discreet for some of it’s actresses, Lala Kudo isn’t shy about what she does.

“I tell people right away that I’m an AV actress.” she says. “With pride.”

Lala Kudo’s confidence, charm, and appearance have definitely netted her a dedicated fanbase, but has there been anything especially difficult in her career?

“Is it okay for me to say this?” She laughs. “The most difficult thing I’ve had to do was 20 cream pies. It was over the course of 2 hours, and there were 6 men involved.”

With such a storied career, Lala Kudo has had a myriad of interesting and unique projects. But through the difficult and the ordinary and everything in between, there is one piece of her work that stands out to her the most.

“I’d have to go with the one I did in VR.” Lala Kudo admits. “I think that’s the one where you can see the real me in the shortest amount of time. And with the VR, it feels like you’re really there!”

But when it comes to her life outside of the AV sphere, Lala Kudo keeps herself busy in a variety of other activities.
“When I was a student, I listened to Aviici’s Wake Me Up and became addicted to EDM.” She tells us. “I started listening to music overseas, and when DJs would come to Japan I’d try to see them.”

Following this realization she had as a student, Lala Kudo now does work with EDM and DJs when she’s not working as an AV idol.

From Lala’s favorite pornstar to her photoshoot experience and more, click here to watch the full interview and learn more! And click here to see content from Japan’s youngest looking idol not found anywhere else!

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