Traditional Kyoto Snacks Get Special Pokémon Collaboration!

Kyoto’s Shichijo Kanshundo confectionary shop, operating since 1865, has announced an all-new collaboration with Pokemon, their second collaboration with the series to date! Wagashi, traditional Japanese confectionaries, are typically enjoyed with tea and are often crafted with seasonal motifs and designs.

This exclusive summer collection features a variety of traditional snacks adorned with Pokemon. The four-piece High-Quality Namagashi Pokémon Summer Set is available by lottery only and features Squirtle, Jirachi, Bergmite, and Clodsire namagashi that are crafted with water from Kyoto’s Higashiyama district, showcasing intricate details like Squirtle’s shell.

The three-piece Senbei Summer Set features rice crackers made from wheat gluten and glutinous rice, baked piece by piece. The Pokémon motifs are illustrated by a skilled craftsman, depicting Pikachu and Jirachi celebrating the Tanabata Festival, Charizard using his signature Fire Blast, and Chimecho cooling down with wind chimes!

The Pokémon Yokan Summer Set is a beautifully crafted Japanese-style confection made from red bean paste, agar, and sugar. Its blue hues and the outlines of Piplup and Luvdisc swimming in sparkling water create the illusion of the water-type Pokemon swimming in a crisp, refreshing, shimmering summer sea.

The latter two items will be available at various in-person department stores throughout Japan and Kyoto in particular, as well as the Shichijo Kanshundo online store starting June 29th, 2024. Stock is limited as each sweet is handmade. If you’re visiting Kyoto soon, these seasonal Pokemon treats are the perfect souvenier, so grab them while you can!

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