One Piece Collaboration Comes to Uniqlo for 25th Anniversary!

One Piece has been a cornerstone of the anime industry for 25 years, and to celebrate this significant anniversary, Uniqlo is introducing a new collection of T-shirts featuring Luffy and his crew, and plenty of other characters and moments from the hit series!

The collection consists of eight unique designs, each reflecting a key theme or moment from the series. The first design, titled “Determination,” showcases Luffy’s iconic vow, “I’m gonna be king of the pirates!” printed on the front and back. The second design, “Nakama,” highlights the unity of the Straw Hat crew with the phrase “the sign of our fellowship,” with the iconic phrase front and center.

“Captain Strength” also highlights an iconic scene in the show, and features Luffy in a dynamic Gear Second pose, while another design, “The Loss”, pays tribute to the sacrifice of Portgas D. Ace, so whether you’re aiming for a powerful design or an emotional one, the Uniqlo collaboration covers the whole spectrum of feelings.

The “Reunion” shirt highlights the crew’s reunion in the series, while the “Alliance” design displays the partnership between Luffy and Law as they face off against Donquixote Doflamingo, another powerful moment in the show. The “Emperor” shirt is dedicated to Kaidou, featuring a subtle front design and a bold, striking graphic on the back, highlighting his commanding presence.

Lastly, the “New Chapter” design presents the characters in their futuristic Egghead outfits from the latest arc, so fans who are up to date on the show don’t feel left out and can honor the newest arc in style. The collection will be available starting July 22nd, 2024 at Uniqlo stores and online through the Uniqlo shop.

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