Girl out of the Box! AmiAmi Original Figure Review with Shibuya Kaho!

We had the rare opportunity to visit AmiAmi’s Radio Kaikan store in Akihabara with Shibuya Kaho, taking a peak at their new original figure before sales began!

The figure, based off of an original illustration by Sakura Yuki-Sensei, is aptly called Packaged Girl (梱包少女, Konpō shōjo), showcasing a beautiful girl popping out of a cardboard box as if she was just wrapped up.

The figure is 1/6 scale, measuring in at an incredible 12cm x 17cm. Though it’s size and display aren’t the only eye-popping details that come with this original figure — the box itself is made of real cardboard, and her clothes are fully removable!

Along with bound rope — tying together the image that the girl was packed and shipped to you directly — the figure also includes an assortment of flowers, life rings, coolers, a watermelon, and even a straw hat to showcase a summer theme like she was shipped to (or from) somewhere warm and tropical.

Coupled with an incredible curvy physique, her flustered expression can also be swapped with an additional smiling faceplate that gazes back at you in anticipation. Plus, she can be displayed with an included background and an adjustable angle stand to ensure you’re viewing her from the best position.

And along with the faithfully recreated packaging stickers, you can ensure every inch of this figure is intricately detailed both outside and under the swimsuit.

AmiAmi’s Packaged Girl 1/6 Scale Figure releases in June 2022, but can be pre-ordered now right here!

If you’d like to view the figure up close and hear Shibuya Kaho’s take, click here for the full AmiAmi preview and review video!

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