Life-Size Master Sword Replica Trends in Japan!

Those wanting to bring their love of the Legend of Zelda series to life can do just that, and wield the legendary Master Sword themselves, with an all-new realistic prop trending across Japan from Nintendo directly! This life-sized replica, measuring 105 centimeters from pommel to tip, is crafted by Proplica, renowned for its high-quality replicas from popular franchises from all across the pop-culture sphere.

Made of durable ABS resin, the Master Sword not only boasts impeccable aesthetics but also features an exciting surprise—it plays eight iconic sounds from the Zelda series. Additionally, with the push of a button, it vibrates, adding an immersive touch to the experience. The attention to detail is also incredible, taking on the sheen and appearance of expertly crafted steel and an eye-catching paint job that’s faithful to the original.

However, Nintendo emphasizes that the Master Sword is strictly for indoor display and advises against outdoor use or swinging it around, making it primarily a display piece for gamers and fans of the series alike. To ensure safe storage and presentation, the bundle includes a sheath and stand, which gives it a classier way to display at home. Preorders for the legendary blade are now available through the My Nintendo Store and Bandai’s Tamashi Nations web shop, with a scheduled release date of September 2024!

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