Welcome Home, Master – Kemonomimi Maid Kiki Mora Figure from Daikikougyou Review!

Imagine coming home after a long, hard day to your own adorable fox-eared maid girl, ready to serve you however she can. Thankfully, with the newest figure from Daikikougyou, you don’t have imagine, with their newest 1/6th scale figure of Kikimora!

Based on the original character from illustrator Sawayaka Samehada‘s doujinshi “The Book of Flirting with Kemonomimi Maids”, Kikimora is your own personal maid with a cute-yet-revealing maid outfit and a set of soft, bushy fox ears and tail. The bright yet muted colors are immediately eye-catching, and when paired with her base create the atmosphere of a fantasy home.

As always with Daikikougyou figures, the detail is absolutely astounding, with her animal ear and tail appearing almost soft to the touch and each bristle on her mop seeming to flow as they push against the floor. Her hair also matches her fur, sticking out in different directions and her cute outfit spreads out with its frills and ribbons.

Her outfit hits the perfect blend of cute and sexy, revealing much of Kikimora’s skin while still keeping her most intimate parts hidden. Her unique tights hug her skin tightly, and the blueish-green-and-white color scheme adds to the previously mentioned fantasy atmosphere and complements her orange color scheme brilliantly. She also lifts her skirt in a curtsy, much like a maid would do for her master.

Her outfit features a cute sunflower design, and her top covers up just enough to leave the rest to the imagination. She comes with two different faceplates as well, one featuring her cheery and inviting expression with her captivating and soft green eyes, and the other features a naughtier, more intimate expression.

Of course, this naughty figure is also incredibly customizable beyond just the faceplates, as you can display this naughty maid however you see fit. Almost every part of her outfit is removable except for her leggings, and additional accessories such as her underwear can be displayed to make it look like she’s holding them. Whether it be her top, her bottom, or both, you can pick and choose the parts that come off and the parts she holds!

When her outfit is completely removed, you can see the detail on her body especially well, with it looking incredibly realistic. Each fold and small aspect of her skin and body is highlighted tremendously well, with even each of her fingers and toes being elegantly and spectacularly sculpted. Her tail and ears can also be adjusted so that they face downward, changing the overall tone and atmosphere of Kikimora as a whole.

The pieces on the base are also removable, such as the bucket and the mop, so you can choose what if any accessories you pose her with as well. Even the small folds in her leggings and feet look realistic, as if they’re hugging her skin, and adding an entirely new dimension to the relationship between collector and figure. Regardless of what pieces you choose to take off or leave on, you can be sure the way you display Kikimora is unique to you.

This adorable fox-eared maid girl is available for pre-order now until August 22nd, 2024, and has a scheduled release date of December 2024, making a perfect addition to any collection just before the year is over. Whether you choose to display her welcoming you home in her maid outfit or inviting you over with nothing at all, this cute and naughty fox maid is sure to make you happy!

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