An Angel, or a Succubus? – Creator’s Sellection Guilty Figure from BellFine!

In need of a pick-me-up? Worry not, because down from the heavens descends a gorgeous, innocent angel ready to help you feel better, no matter what it takes…and she may not be so innocent after all! From figure company BellFine comes an all-new 1/7th scale figure of the angel Guilty, based on an original design by illustrator Anno Ano!

Capturing the perfect balance of cute and sexy, Guilty is a strikingly gorgeous girl with eye-catching bright and soft pastel colors throughout, all blending beautifully. Her angelic wings match her feather-like leggings, bra, and outfit, with more wings on her head and the whites blending brilliantly with the soft shades of purple in her and outfit and the pink throughout her various accessories.

Matching her cute and innocent aesthetic, there are pills, baby bottles, and hearts throughout the figure and the base, including a special pink heart base. Although taking the form of an angel, Guilty also has protruding horns from her forehead, alluding to her sexier, less innocent side. Every accessory, including her angelic pink halo, are incredibly detailed, with different materials creating a translucent look as if they’re really made of different materials.

The attention to detail and masterful design is also stunning when viewed from the back, such as her long, elegant hair flowing out and around her wings seemingly crafted strand by strand. The pink highlights also compliment both her purple hair and her overall color palette perfectly, with the detail even extending to the way her hair is tied in a bowtie-shape at the top of her head.

Smaller accessories across the figure are also given the same attention and level of care, such as the bondage-like miniature white belts across her arms and body, emphasizing her body and curves while adding another lustful layer to the overall design. As this is an adult figure, her private areas are realistically sculpted, and entice any collector regardless of how she’s displayed.

Her naughty expression only adds to her overall atmosphere and aesthetic, with a longing yet shy charm in her look. Her eyes are a soft purple that matches the rest of her look, only with adorable little hearts in her pupils to show the enjoyment she’s feeling in her lewd duties while also matching the innocent theme and her heart-shaped earpieces. Only a tiny fang can be seen sticking out of her mouth, making her even more charming and matching the less innocent part of her that lines up with her horns.

Her body harness also has an iridescent look to it, going around and accentuating her breasts and belly while ultimately making their way down to her more intimate areas. The iridescence matches the frills of her dress as well, pairing beautifully with her outfit that’s seemingly made from feathers just like her wings.

Of course, this naughty angel can get even naughtier, as some parts are also removable! Her bra, for example, can be displayed on or off, so Guilty can have her chest fully revealed. The detail here is also incredibly realistic and is sure to cause any collector’s heart to skip a beat. She also holds a small pink wand, which makes the entire figure even more suggestive.

Guilty isn’t alone, however, as her stand is specifically crafted to pair with the second figure in the series, Punish! The two figures together create a heart-stoppingly naughty and intense atmosphere, especially when paired with their cutesy and innocent environment, so don’t miss your chance to grab her as well when the figure is released at a later date!

Creator’s Sellection Guilty is available for pre-order now, with a scheduled release date of December 2024! You can see more information and order her from the BellFine official site here. Don’t miss out of being taken care of by this cute and naughty angel, and stay tuned for more information when Punish is available for pre-order as well!

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