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Review: How does Cosplay Melee measure up?

Cosplay Melee: worth watching? Cosplay Melee is a new reality TV show aired on Syfy this past spring. The show challenges four different cosplayers every...

It’s always poppin at PaPipupe Polon Cosplay Cafe & Bar

Want the chance to mingle with local otakus? Just a 3 minute walk from the west entrance of Shimbashi station you’ll find a cozy...

@Home Café Opens New 5th Floor Store

Akihabara's famous @Home Café is back with a brand new store!  This time the 5th floor of their AKIBA store has been redone in...

Macross F Summer Festival!

      The event took place on the 1st floor of Bellesalle in Akihabara, on July 26th. To celebrate the sale of a new Pachinko game...

Phantom – Military Supply Goods Shop

When you think of Akihabara you probably imagine kawaii maids, posters of busty anime girls, game arcades, and used electronics, but there’s another trend...

A Hot Cosplay Report From Wonder Festival 2015!

      The Wonder Festival 2015 was held in Chiba on July 26th. This annual summer festival is known for its large cosplay open space. Cosplayers...

A Tour of Polka*Polka 2nd Hand Cosplay Shop

Are you a cosplayer? Or, maybe you just want to be able to say you went inside a Japanese cosplay shop? Whatever your reason,...

“MF Bunko J: Summer School Festival 2015” in Akihabara!

      On July 19th, at UDX in Akihabara the “MF Bunko J: Summer School Festival 2015”, dedicated to light novels, was held.       The event included...

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