Bright and Tan – Sakura Kaede Gyaru Ver. Figure Review by Daikikougyou!

You might remember Daikikougyou‘s popular 1/6th scale Sakura Kaede figure from 2022. This year, she’s back, but with an all-new appearance and color scheme, taking on a gyaru-style look!

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Just like her previous iteration, the glossy and vibrant appearance of her lingerie really pops, this time in a sensual pink and white color. She even dyed her hair a new deep purple color!

Based on an original illustration by 桜の灯る日へ (Sakura no tomoru hi e), her skin is also newly tanned, an iconic part of the gyaru fashion style. Her glossy skinned is hugged tightly by her outfit too, with even the skin around her thighs being seemingly squeezed by her stockings.

The intimate outfit she wears looks incredible from the back as well, hugging her butt tightly and the ribbons and lace on her lingerie flowing realistically. Even the way her hair flows and the tightness from her leggings maintains a careful attention to detail, keeping accurate folds and hugging the skin.

She maintains a flirty and slightly shy look, with a dynamic pose that shows off both her body and her outfit. Even her cat ears make a comeback, also matching the new color scheme of the rest of her cosplay.

Her newly colored purple and pink eyes are also one of the changes in this gyaru version of the figure, and her skin also gets the glossy treatment that matches the glossiness of her lingerie.

From the back, you can see her dynamic pose even better, with her arched back highlighting her curves, which are only accentuated by the folds on her skin and the way her outfit drapes over her body.

Sakura Kaede’s story is that she’s a girl who is cosplaying at the request of her boyfriend. That gives more background to her cute, yet shy, expression, but her naturally sexy pose gives her an air of confidence.

The figure can get even sexier, too; just like last year’s version, this iteration of Sakura Kaede also comes with removable parts. You can display her in an even more sensual way by removing the swimsuit covering her body underneath!

The lacey part of her lingerie also comes off, so you can choose to display her in an almost entirely nude way that highlights her intimate body completely.

With her clothes removed, you can really see the detail on her skin and throughout the rest of her body, with her glistening skin and toned, fit body being put on full display.

The view from behind with her clothes removed is equally detailed, showcasing the rest of her curves and body in their full glory. Under the light, the glossiness of her body, especially on her butt, is accented beautifully.

Regardless of the angle she’s posed in, Sakura Kaede’s pose ensures that she’s the star of any room she decorates. Her slightly bent wrist bent over her curved waist gives her an elegant accent on top of her already sexy body.

Without her top on, it’s even more visible how she rests her other arm on her chest, which also highlights the size of her breasts. Leaving only the cat ears, collar, and thigh-high stockings creates an even naughtier cosplaying girlfriend scenario.

The little pawprints are still visible in this iteration of Sakura Kaede too, keeping her cute cat motif going with this new figure.

Her adorable smirk is enough to fill anyone’s heart, and with her newly tanned and shiny skin paired with an all-new color scheme, she even looks great next to the previous years version!

The all-new gyaru version of Sakura Kaede releases in November 2023, with pre-orders open now until July 20th, 2023!

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