Blue Swimsuit and Cat Ears! Daikikougyou Figure Review!

Welcome back to another figure review! Today, we’ll be talking about Daikikougyou’s newest product, an original figure of a girl in blue lingerie and cat ears!

Her swimsuit and lingerie both have a glossy look, like you can almost feel the material yourself. Even the lace looks like it’s flowing freely.

This figure is incredibly detailed, and the tight thigh-highs wrap around her body’s curves beautifully.

Even from behind, the folds on her underwear wrap gently around her butt, with the garter belts hanging just over her skin. Her round waist also showcases her perfect dimensions.

The detail is also shown in the tightness of her leggings, where you can see her thighs getting squeezed and even the creases in her toes.
Her large breasts coupled with her big blue eyes and shy, longing expression are enough to cause anybody’s heart to skip a beat.

You can see the way her skin reacts to the clothing just like it would in real life, with plenty of curves and beautiful detail in her dynamic pose.

Her dark hair flows against the shape of her shoulders, and even the texture on her bikini warps around her nipples.

The figure is 1/6th scale, which is perfect to emphasize her eye-catching features and give plenty of room for her accessories.


Her clothes are all removeable from the waist up, with the option to leave just the lace garter belt or remove everything completely.

Her cute, eye-catching appearance is made even better with her matching cat ears and bell choker. Her belly is also beautifully showcased.

And while she’s incredibly cute with her impressive outfit, fans can display her in a way that showcases her body in all of its glory.

The impressive size and dimensions on the figure also emphasize it as an impressive centerpiece.

As always, Daikikougyou brings a new dimension to original illustrations, giving fans views that bring the work to life.

Little pawprints can even be seen on the stockings, adding to the cat motif. Her pose adds to it too, accentuating her curves.

Pre-orders for this figure are available until May 19th, 2022. Release date is scheduled for September 2022. Don’t miss it!

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