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Comiket 93 DAY 3 Cosplay Final

Here's the final report for Comiket 93! On DAY 3, we had cosplays from "Bake Monogatari", "THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls" "Evangelion", to "No-Laughing" series,...

DAY 3 of Comiket 93 – Cosplay in the cold rain

Despite the chilly rainy DAY 3 of Comiket 93,  cosplayers didn't mind the weather as they posed in their characters.     "Otaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii" Narumi Momose and Hirotaka...

DAY 3 of Comiket 93 Cosplay

On DAY 3 of Comiket 93, we saw cosplays from "Fate/Grand Order", "Azurlane" and such.So much FGO Cosplay!    Nero Claudius @me1u8  Artoria Pendragon (Alter) @Cielo_Photoo  Ibaraki Doji @k_purarineSanta and Jeanne d'Arc @mopepeko @amam9m   "Fate/stay night"   @m145_oxo @Miki168uw  Lancelot...

Comiket 93 DAY 2 Part 3!

Comiket 93 DAY 2! More from the entrance area. We have characters from "Aikatsu!", "Sword Art Online", "Idol Masters Cinderella Girls", "Fate/Grand Order" "JoJo's...

Comiket 93 DAY 2 Cosplays – Greeted by Cosplayers at the Entrance Area

More pics from Comiket 93 DAY 2! This time we focus on the entrance area. Our lineup includes Shirou Emiya from "Fate/stay night" awaiting its anticipated...

Comiket 93 Cosplays DAY 2 – Bosai Park was a lagoon of cosplayers

Aside from the Big Site, there's also the Bosai Park, where cosplayers scatter freely in their outfits.Bosai Park is located east-side of Big Site. It used to...

Cosplay at the Winter Comic Market 2017 DAY 1 Part 2

“Comiket 93” DAY 1 - More Cosplay from “Steins Gate” “ToHeart2” and “Girls' Last Tour” Continuing on our coverage of Comiket 93, here are more...

Cosplay at the Winter Comic Market 2017 DAY 1

We've got some pics from the Otaku festival "Comiket 93". Check out some snapshots from the first day!Under the clear winter sky, cosplayers persevered...

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