Which Waifu Would You Take on a Christmas Date?

With Christmas just around the corner, we decided to ask anime fans around Akiba: which anime character would you take out on a Christmas date?

While Christmas overseas is traditionally viewed as a day to spend time with family, eat good food, and celebrate with lights and presents, Christmas in Japan isn’t quite the same. Instead, Christmas is viewed as more of a romantic holiday, similar to Valentine’s Day — wherein those in Japan typically spend their Christmas taking their significant other out on a date.

So, how are the denizens of our very own Akihabara spending their holiday season? We went out and asked those walking the streets of electric town what their ideal otaku Christmas looked like!

“If I were to spend Christmas with an anime character,” our first interviewee tells us, “I would choose Tamako-chan, of Tamako Market! She is extremely cute, and she was my first love when I was younger.”

Though Christmas dates are even more special than regular dates, what would a Christmas date between these two look like? The answers, of course, vary with the anime!

“Tamako-chan really loves mochi,” He continued. “So I’d definitely be eating mochi with her! We’d also go around to different food vendors and eat street food together.”

While Akihabara might seem like a paradise for anime lovers and gamers alike, this isn’t to say that all of them are without plans this holiday season.

“I’d choose my girlfriend!” our next interviewee reveals while inside the Sega arcade on Akihabara’s main road. “I’m not much of a waifu guy. I’m happy with the arrangement I’ve got at home.”

Waifus aren’t the only ones going on Christmas dates this holiday season, however. We interviewed some fans who were eager to ask their husbandos on a romantic night out.

“I love the anime Gintama, so I would spend the date with my favorite character, Takasugi!” one girl exploring Akihabara tells us. “It would be a nice date, with dinner and beautiful scenery…just thinking about it is driving me crazy!”

While certainly different, Christmas in Japan still carries with it that feeling of holiday cheer and togetherness that we’re all so familiar with. So, if you could go on a date with any anime character you’d like, who would you choose? Let us know in the comments and watch the full interview here!

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