Retro Meets Pop! Interview with JILL LAM Founder Futamura-san!

We had the opportunity to interview the creator of JILL LAM, Futamura-san, while attending the Kanjill ‘19 Retro Party in Harajuku!

The event, curated around the 80’s and 90’s pop-culture wave, centers around the JILL LAMM brand and brings together people from all walks of life to celebrate the nostalgic retro experience.

And while enjoying the pastel, bright atmosphere of the event, we had the chance to ask creator Futamura-san about the art he’s created.

“JILL LAM is a company that creates products around Japanese retro and pop-culture.” He told us during our interview. “It is our ambition to distribute these products to a world-wide audience.”

And while the focus of JILL LAM is to bring people closer through 80’s and 90’s pop-culture, it’s the way different people view this era that really connects them.

“The 80’s and 90’s might seem like a new environment for young people, but it’s also nostalgic for people in their 40’s and 50’s at the same time.” Futamura says. “Bringing all of these people together might result in a completely new cultural movement.”

And Futamura’s commitment to the era isn’t only reflected in the style of his art — even the method by which he produces his merchandise stays true to the era.

“This T-shirt was made with a tsuriamiki,” he tells us, showing off one of the shirts he designed. “Just as they were produced in Japan in the 60’s. Only a couple of them still exist.”

With the first official party in the books, JILL LAM’s founder eyes to have more retro parties in the future, once the world is in a better place, of course. To see the full interview, click here!

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